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Greubel Forsey GMT Balancier Convexe

Greubel Forsey reverts to 4th century BC concept in new GMT Balancier Convex

Watchmaking has a history of over 500 years. Before that, we had water clocks, sundials, and other ways to tell the time of day. While they're rudimentary compared to today's watches that can count down to a fraction of a second, they do a good enough job in this day and age. That’s perhaps why independent Swiss watch brand Greubel Forsey is looking back on its philosophy in its latest, futuristic GMT Balancier Convex, which was launched today at the Geneva Watch Days. This 3D timepiece places the Earth directly (well, round) at the center of the universe—a concept that goes back to Eudoxus's idea of ​​a geocentric universe around 380 BC.

No, watchmaking is not going backwards. In fact, the globe-centric concept in this highly complex patented limited-edition watch is all about beauty, balance and harmony. Combined with the exquisite precision watchmaking, it may surprise you. In addition, this timepiece incorporates several of Greubel Forsey’s signature looks into one watch replica swiss, including a sloping balance wheel, a convex case and a GMT function.

For the first time ever, Greubel Forsey has placed his beloved ever-revolving globe on top of a skeleton watch in all its glory. It represents the first time a Greubel Forsey GMT watch is centered on the Earth. Hand-painted titanium globes show continents, seas and oceans in all their glory. The earth is surrounded by three rings, providing an almost circular display of time and earth.

In this watch, the earth turns the dial in a constant 24-hour fashion. The outer ring shows hours and minutes (local time) and GMT or Universal Time. The world's 24 key time zones are listed in the day/night indication, with a black background at night and a white background during the day. The off-center display at 10:00 indicates the second time zone.replica Ulysse Nardin Blast Rainbow

The convex case (first introduced on the Greubel Forsey GMT Sport in 2019) allows the watch’s dial side to be viewed from all angles – offering stunning views of the globe, time indication, balance wheel and more. This is also the first time the brand has equipped a GMT model with a sloping balance wheel. The 6:00 balance wheel, located opposite the earth, is positioned at a 30-degree angle and is designed to provide optimal isochronism. The first inclined balance wheel in Greubel Forsey’s in-house calibre debuted in 2020, and this watch marks its first GMT function.

By adding a tilted balance wheel instead of a tourbillon escapement to a GMT watch (the GMT first came out in 2011, a decade ago), the brand has created a new patented manual watch with 423 large components. Chain movement. Represents a new pillar of its comprehensive product line. There is a disc with 24 time zones on the back of the case, but instead of UTC in Paris, it is listed in La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland, the home of Greubel Forsey.

46.5mm GMT Balancier Convex with sapphire crystal, rubber strap. replica watches for sale